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Here are the stars - do them now!
Here are the stars - do them now!
It’s that time of the year. For weeks we gonna be tortured with boring ex stars chatting on the fire site, aging starlets showing off some skin and people you never heard of starting to eat intestines of creatures you haven’t heard of either – and all that in the vain hope to see something scandalous. Well, we've got something better for you! Our stars give it all … to you! Sexy babes, enticing erotica and lascivious livesex – on <%=BaseHostName%> you get it all! And today only you receive an additional

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Here we go!
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On your next purchase on this day you receive abonus of 45% extra coins. The exact amount of additional coins is calculated from your purchase value and always rounded up in your favou. Last chance to claim your bonus is Friday, 11.01.2019, 23.59 CET.